STUDIO & Location

Mark O’Sullivan
(Fashion Photographer)
fashion photography workshop

Learn how to organise and run a fashion shoot.
style, lighting & technique.
Digital & analogue.
Darkroom - Processing film & printing
Detailed guides on various subjects such as posing.
Ask questions and get critiques of your work.
Fashion designers & styling.
Team, theme & research.
Shapes & symbols.
Story boards.
Editing work for portfolio & publication.

DAY 1 / AM Lecture
PM organising casting
photographic shooting.
Demonstration & practise.

DAY 2 / AM Lecture
PM model casting.
shooting with flash.
demonstration & practise.

DAY 3 / AM Lecture
Examples of lighting, night location & studio flash methods – photographer examples & style.
PM Night Fashion shoot with flash on location.
Demonstration & practise
Stylist & model

DAY 4 / AM Lecture
PM studio fashion shoot
Demonstration & practise
Stylist & model

DAY 5 / AM Lecture
PM editing digital work
or processing film

DAY 6 / AM
visit agencies
bookstores, galleries.

DAY 7 / AM Lecture
PM casting
shooting with flash.
demonstration & practise.

DAY 8 / AM Lecture
PM Location fashion shoot
demonstration & practise

DAY 9 / AM Lecture
PM Edit create website

DAY 10 / All day
location fashion shoot

only 2 attendees per workshop

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